Symphony w25 / ktouch w650 / mobistar s01 / karbonn a7 ICS ROM UPDATE 2

This ICS update is Dedicated to a Jerk named Papon, Unfortunately he is my best friend.

You MUST Update your Phones baseband before using this update! Follow This Link to update baseband.

*Always remember to BACKUP your SYSTEMs NANDROID BACKUP with CWM. * I am really not responsible for any damage to your phone; it’s all upon your responsibility. *Let me know if any edit is recommended by you.

Wow, ICS on the air hah? Sweet, I am amazed to see feedback of you guys on my last post about upgrading to ICS. Quite appreciating. So, I have made another Version of the ICS rom which is more stable and supercharged. Let me show you some screenshots :








Beautiful right? Yah, I know :P. I will provide you 2 ROMs in this post :

1. Basic type rom, which is the main rom without any presetting’s and apps.
2. A clockworkmod NAND backup, which have all settings and apps.

Main Features of the ROM :

  • Performance BOOST
  • Display Quality BOOST
  • Battery life Improved 30%
  • Karnel tweaks to make your device more Smooth
  • Improved Multitasking
  • Improved Memory Management, You will get more free RAM
  • Internet Speed BOOST
  • Database Defragment
  • Perfect Mounting
  • Perfect Governor
  • Automatic ZIP Align apps for better RAM Performance
  • Apps moved to Data/app for more free system
  • Dalvik Cache moved to sd-ext, so now you have more free ROM then ever
  • 100% rooted and latest binaries added
  • Auto app2sd
  • Bangla Text is fixed, I hope so :/
  • “Hello Pumpkin pumpkin” as new ringtone :P
  • More…forgot

Download Links : ::


Ok! Now choice is yours, you can download the main ZIP rom file and update or you can download the NAND backup and have a Preconfigured system. But before doing anything you need to prepare your SD card.

Preparing SD card :

I am giving you visual presentation of formatting your sd card via CWM. To do this, first you need to backup all your data from you sd card, I recommend SD card larger then 1GB. Backup your sd card data, put the sd card in your phone and boot your phone on CWM recovery. Then follow as visualized. Hey, 1st image is the screen when CWM openes, don’t press “reboot system now” follow from 2nd image.




Now you have prepared you sd card with an EXT3 partition of 256MB & a SWAP partition of 32MB and all other spaces are available for your files as FAT32 file system.

Installing main ICS rom Update

Now you have to copy downloaded file “” to your sd card and boot your phone to CWM recovery mode. Then follow as visualized. Hey, 1st image is the screen when CWM openes, don’t press “reboot system now” follow from 2nd image.








After flashing new rom you will be booted into the new ICS experience, first time boot take a little more time. Now, you can dress up your system as you wanted. But make sure you have Installed app like “App2SD” or “Android assistant” to move your apps to your sd card and save precious ROM space. Enjoy.

Installing Preconfigured ICS updated ROM

*you don’t need to download “” if you are going with this process.

Well, I have configured mostly everything in this preconfigured rom, lets have a look of its extra features :

  • Advanced Task Killer configured to Kill unused apps and free up you ram in each 10 min.
  • Default luncher replaced by Apex luncher, smooth and cool.
  • New Live wallpaper added from Nexus, Phasebeam
  • Home screen and widges placed.
  • PRO apps installed
  • Apps included

o Adobe Reader
o Advanced Task manager Pro
o Android Assistant
o PhaseBeam
o Apex Launcher
o Barcode Scanner
o ES File manager
o Facebook
o Flashlight App
o Lucky Patcher
o MoboPlayer (Can play almost all kind of video)
o Office Suit
o Opera Mobile
o Pool Break Pro (Gamed)
o PowerAmp Full (Best Android Player)
o Skype
o SManager
o System Tuner Pro
o TitaniumBackup Pro
o UC Browser
o Viber
o WhatsApp
o theChive (My most favorite, I know guys will love it too :P)

All these apps are moved to sd card, and you still have 55MB of free ROM after installing 23 apps :)

Now download all files of “SYMW25_ICS_V2_RAINWALKR NAND” and extract clicking on “clockworkmod.7z.001”. 001, 002, 003 are the same files part, so you don’t need to extract each one. after extacrting file, you should get a folder named “clockworkmod”, copy it to your sd card, and make sure to format the sd card by following instrustion told in this section “Preparing SD card :“. After formatting sd card, boot into CWM and follow as visualized:







Now, after rebooting the phone you should get you new Device as shown in Screenshots.

Enabling G-sensor :

Follow as visualized




If it don’t work then you have to find the way yourself, try by clearing all catches from CWM.

Enjoy, new Experience.

235 thoughts on “Symphony w25 / ktouch w650 / mobistar s01 / karbonn a7 ICS ROM UPDATE 2

  1. Na na… oi notun na.. ami bujhate chacchilam, kono update kora hoy ny.. frst jkhn W25 ber hoise, tkhn’e kinsi.. opshora v1 er kotha bolchen?? Btw shobai jkhn smoothly install krte pare ny, thn ami’o parbo na mone hoy.. ai rom ta, I mean “ICS ROM UPDATE 2” install krle ki kono prob hobe??

  2. সমাধানের জন্য অনেক ধন্যবাদ। MIUI Gingerbread 2.3.7 ROM ( file), moded By rainwalker রমটা ইন্সটল করে ব্যবহার করলাম। খুব সুন্দর আর ফাস্ট। সবচেয়ে ভালো লেগেছে Package Installer টা। কিন্তু বাংলা সাপোর্ট খারাপ। “ক িনত উ বাংলা সাপ োরট খারাপ”-এইভাবে দেখায় বাংলা। আর Launcher-টাও কম সুন্দর। এই দুটোর কি কোন সমাধান হবে?
    আপনার জন্য শুভ কামনা রইল।

  3. ভাইয়া, একটা প্রশ্ন আছে? বেশিরভাগ Customized ROM-গুলো ZIP ফাইল। কিন্তু আমরা CWM দিয়ে যে ব্যাকআপ ফাইল তৈরী করি সেগুলো তো এরকম হয় না। সেগুলোর ভেতরে কিছু ইমেজ ফাইল থাকে। কিভাবে বর্তমান রমের ZIP ফাইল তৈরী করা যায় Customized ROM-গুলোর মত?
    আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ।

      • Hahahaha…………Brother Apnake Osongkho Dhonnobad………Cause Apnar Dea Baseband Update korte sofol hoechhi……..Kintu Kichhu zip file chhilo jamon ICS Rom 2nd jeta achhe….setar file download korar poreo…..segulo extract hochhhilo naa…..than ami 1st ta USE kori……and I feel better Anyway…….
        Akhon apnar kaas theke Jellybean Update pele Aro Jotil hoto……

        Just One Sentence……

        “You’re Genius” :D

  4. ভাই জান আমি আপডেট করচি কিন্তু বাংলা লেখা গুলা বানগা বানগা আসে ডিপল ব্রাউজারে বা ফেসবুক এপিএস্যে।
    আমার এন্ড্রইড ভারসন 4.0.4 হইছে
    এখন বাংলা ফন্ট এর জন্য কি করতে পারি ?
    প্লিজ জানাবেন ভাই

  5. install from sdcard > ta choose korar por, nicher lekha gula ashe :

    Mounting filesystems…
    Creating symlink…
    Setting permissions…
    Unmounting filesystems…
    assert failed: write_raw_image(“/tmp/boot.img”,”boot”)
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    BP AP dutai thik moto kora hoyeche (4m V1), then partition done…

    BUT !

    mojar bepar holo, ICS on hocche. as usuall. settings e baseband virsion, build number SYMW25_ICS_V2_RAINWALKR thik motoi ashche…

    should i continue using? or precautionary anything to do regarding that error msg?

    Thanks in advance ! :)

      • jehetu ROM ekbar change er nesha dhukse, mashe 2/3 ta ROM change na korle ar valo lagbe na.. :P

        At first, ami default ICS ta try korte chacchilam. apnar update 2 ta use korlam, onek valo kichu ase, jegula bole sesh kora jabe na, kharap kichu lagse jeta bole sesh kora jabe so, shetai boli,

        1) call quality drop korse.

        eta ki “591357_8376_WCDMA_V0005” er jonne? naki “NPRG7627A.hex” er jonne? “The Droid Master” er xDA forum e (showthread.php?t=2143522) e dekhsilam “591379_8376_WCDMA_V000003” with same named hex file use korse. jodi ami oi baseband ta try kori, tahole ki solve hote pare? jodi oi ta try korte jai, sheta ki baseband upgrade hobe? na downgrade hobe? procedure ki same?

        2) majhe majhe freeze hoye jay. hotat unlock korte gelam, unlock hocche na, emonki, screen on/off o hocche na, onno number theke call diye dekhlam, ring hoy, but, amar symphony te kono respons nei. battery khule restart deya chara upay thake na. notun kore chalu korle, on hoy, but 1 bar total blue screen e eshe abar hang korsilo.

        partition er shomoy apni jototuk korte bolcilen, tar double size korsilam, emon ki swap tao…pore bujhlam vul hoise, oneke dekhi 1gb porjonto kore ! jodio just operamini, orbut ar avast, ei 3 ta install korsilam, link2sd use kora lage ni, shob gula tei amar enuf free space ache, just /system e only 5% free dekhacche, oneker mob ei eta dekhsi, eta ki unusual or material ? eta ke ki kono vabe 40/60% e ana jay na? anle ki kono lav hobe?

        bole rakhi, amar line holo accounting/finance. ami techy kew na, problem holo, time pai kom, shei tulonay, passion onek beshi ! :(


        opshora alpha er box download er bandwidth limit cross kore gese, DL korte parchi na.

        mediafire eo “” dekhacche.
        alpha er screenshot e orange jayga gula chara besh shob kichui valo lagse. use na korte parle bola jabe na ashole kemon.

        btw, w25 er stock ROM er wallpaper tai shobcheye valo lage, i wish, jodi eta live hoto ! warefaze er “obak valobasha” gaan tar kotha mone pore jay ! :p

  6. amar kase Symphony mobile er sob dhoroner soft ase. jodi proyojon hoy amar sathe contact koriyen. ami apnake supply dite parbo. amar ek vai Customer care a job kore.

  7. Rainwalker bro,is it possible to follow the same downgrading principal for other symphony phones and use it to downgrade w90 ICS to GB. If not,then can you pls point me towards the right direction to dwngrade w90….

  8. boss sob e thik thake but restoring android secure a giyai problem hoye jai!!! vablam ami 2nd option diye baseband update tai korechi( tai hocchena.but at last jeta mathai aslo memery card er sob data muche nite hobe korlam. install nilo but………… home screen etc kichu e nai……. baseband ki apnar sekhano system a e kora must??? naki apnar partfilegulate e problem hoye geche? where is the problem?? eida to kaj kore….. but apnar customized ta korena kan?? ektu ki check kore dekhe solution diben?

  9. i have finished the bp step bt can not do ap step.i have used ics rom .every thing is ok bt there is no network in phone.i am in prob

  10. vaia..ami shbe o hoise..but lock khular por menu screen purai black hoye thake..othocho lock button er pashe camera button on dile camera on hoy nd show kre..but menu screen black hoye thake kno?? plz help..parle apnar nmbrta dibo..amrta +8801676248462

  11. প্রথমে প্রি-কনফিগারড ভার্সনটা দিয়ে একটু হতাশ হলেও পরে আমি যখন ফ্রেশ ভার্সনটা ইন্সটল দিয়ে মারাত্নক খুশি … আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ দেবার ভাষা আসলে নেই … আমি নিজে পিএইচপি ডেভেলপার বলে বুঝি ডেভেলপমেন্টে মজা হলেও অন্যের জন্য ফ্রী করে দেয়ার সময় বের করাটা মোটেও সহজ নয় …
    আই সি এস চলছে ভালোই … কিন্তু জেলী বিনের লোভও যে মারাত্নক … অনেক গুলো মড ট্রাই করেও তেমন লাভ হলো না …

    সবচেয়ে কাছাকাছি গিয়েছি এই আপডেটে >> >> এই রমটি ইন্সটল হয় সাকসেসফুল্লি … কিন্তু সিম/মোবাইল নেটওয়ার্ক, ওয়াই-ফাই, জিপিএস কোনোটাই পায় না …

    সময় করতে পারলে এটা একটু দেখবেন …
    আর … আবারো বলতে হয় … অনেক ধন্যবাদ …

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