Symphony w25 / ktouch w650 / mobistar s01 / karbonn a7 ICS Upgrade tutorial.

IF you face problems, then please try to figure which steps did you missed, use your head. Read comments below. I will not answer same questions.

Always remember to BACKUP your SYSTEMs NANDROID BACKUP with CWM. * I am really not responsible for any damage to your phone;  it’s all upon your responsibility. *Let me know if any edit is recommended by you.

New Update Available of this ROM Go to : Updated ICS

Ahh! I love my ICS rom and my symphony w25. I am a perfectionist, so I took my time to study and gone throw lots of trials and errors to finalize the ICS rom. Thanks to all those Brilliant senior developers from XDA for their numerous helps and tips. I will start by providing some screenshot of the ICS rom.










Beautiful isn’t it? Now let’s start. Just make sure you read and follow everything I say from now. Upgrading process is divided in 3 steps actually:

  1. Updating Baseband
  2. Flashing AP(Factory) ROM
  3. Flashing Finalized NANDROID ROM.


ICS_Stable_sw25_rom Featurs :

  • Fully Rooted
  • Updated SU and Busybox binaries
  • Init.d Support, busybox runpart
  • App2SD enabled
  • Super Fast :D
  • All Sensors working
  • Better Battery Life
  • Better Network Reception
  • ALL new Jelly Bean keyboard :D
  • Cracked PowerAmp Music Player :D
  • Added
  • And many other tweaks I can’t remember right now.

* Points to be noted

  1. You need to enable or disable Gsensor from Settings > Display by your self, Status ber shortcut don’t work.
  2. You need to set APN manually from Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Select Subscription > Manage Card
  3. System is already configured for Bangladeshi Users.

Download all Files Listed below :


o (AP+BP)_ICS_S01.7z.001 –

o (AP+BP)_ICS_S01.7z.002 –


o installer_r20.0.3-windows.exe –

o jdk-7-windows-i586.exe –


o S01_Drivers.7z –


o S01_flash_tools.7z –


o clockworkmod_rainwalker.7z.001 –

o clockworkmod_rainwalker.7z.002 –

CWM for S01

o CWM-English.rar –



File Extraction :

  1. Download all files in a folder like this location “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\”
  2. Select files like this photo and Use 7zip to Extract.
  3. Untitled-3
  4. Make use you have folders Extracted like this
  5. Untitled-4

Updating Baseband :

This process is pretty nasty. I made a successful Update after trying a number of times and fails, after that I installed WINDOWS XP SP3 and successfully Updated Baseband. So I would recommend you guys to Start this Upgrading Process with a Freshly Installed Windows XP. I will try to give you as much as possible visual guide.

*It is not mandatory to install Android SDK and Java Runtime.

  1. Install “jdk-7-windows-i586.exe”
  2. Install “installer_r20.0.3-windows.exe” , make sure you have selected options red marked in this photo when Android SDK download files.asdk install
  3. After download complete, Go to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\ICS_S01” This folder.
  4. Extract “” by right clicking it 7-zip > Extract Here
  5. Copy “NPRG7627A.hex” to “591357_8376_WCDMA_V0005” folder.
  6. Switch off your phone, remove battery, SIM cards, SD card.
  7. Place battery on your phone, Hold POWER BUTTON+VOLUME DOWN BUTTON together, you will see “QPST Entry Download”.
  8. Now, Connect your phone to your pc.
  9. You will see a popup like this, cancel it.


  10. Go to your device manager and follow the procedure below :





    For you the driver location will be “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_Drivers\drivers\Driver\HK11-VB717-27\HK11-VB717-27_1.0.56\Win32\x86\free”, Click Ok, and press Next. Driver will be installed. Close it. Go to device manager and you will see something like this :


  11. In my case i got COM3, you may have diffrent port number. Now go to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_flash_tools\fast_boot” and Open “fastboot1.0.2.4.exe”. You will see something like this :Untitled-19
  12. Click on “BP Browse” select folder “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\ICS_S01\591357_8376_WCDMA_V0005”, Put the port number on “BP Port”, take a deep breath and press Download, download should start if everthing is allright, after download compleate “fastboot1.0.2.4.exe” will close by itself. and you need to pull your phone bettery to shut it down and disconnect the phone form your pc.Untitled-20

AP Upload :

  1. Place your phone battery on the phone, press POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP and wait untill you see a GREEN display on your phone.
  2. Connect you phone and you will see a new Device is found named Android, now install the drivers by following procedure like prevoiusly shown and use the folder “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_Drivers\drivers\Driver\adb_driver” for drivers.
  3. After driver instlation compleate, go to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\S01_flash_tools\EMMC_AP” and open “QUALFAST2.0.4(Factory).exe” Untitled-15
  4. Click on “SEL PATH” button and select “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\(AP+BP)_ICS_S01\ICS_S01\TBW591357_9999_V0001_2” folder click ok. you will see :Untitled-17
  5. Now press “OK” and wait for first “Waiting Decices…” to compleate and then disconnect the phone, pull your battery and start your phone. ICS should start with creepy forign language.

Flashing Finalized Stable NANDROID ROM :

Default firmware rom do not come with CWM installed as recovery, so we need to port it now. This is a pretty simple procedure.

  1. Download CWM-English.rar from This link :
  2. Copy it to “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\”
  3. Extract using 7-zip > Extract Here.

Shutdown your phone, insert your sim and sd card. Press POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP button till the GREEN display appears.

  1. Connect your phone with the pc.
  2. Open Command prompt and type :cd F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\CWM-English (press enter)Fastboot devices (press enter)
  3. You should see something like “???????????? fastboot” Now type :fastboot boot recovery-english.img (press enter)
  4. Wait sometime, CWM recovery should boot.
  5. Now, from the menu, Select “wipe data/factory reset”
  6. After finishing slect “wipe cache partition”
  7. After that, go to “mount & Storage” > “Mount Usb Drive”
  8. Now sd card will be mounted on your pc. Copy “F:\sym_ics\SYMICS4\clockworkmod_rainwalker\ clockworkmod” to your sd card.
  9. Select “Unmount” from your phone. And Select “Go back”
  10. Select “Backup and Restore”
  11. Select “Restore”
  12. Select “ICS_W25_Stable” and confirm, wait for restore to complete, then reboot.
  13. Yah! You are now on ISC stable. Enjoy.


Helpful Links :

Driver Installation Video :

Another Baseband Update Guide :

XDA foram Thread :

Rooting Symphony w25 :


Thanks From the deepest corner of my heart to :

prasad12ka4 , ahmed.zunaid , vinodkbishnoi (for poviding stability of the rom) & all tose person who helped me for this achivement :)

169 thoughts on “Symphony w25 / ktouch w650 / mobistar s01 / karbonn a7 ICS Upgrade tutorial.

      • Bro,, how to install fastboot drivers??
        My BP download works fine. bt before downloading AP,, in fastboot mode my computer says,,”a problem occured during hardware installation” I mean,, new device(android) found don’t shows….

  1. I have successfully Installed both ICS and then ICS Update 2. Great job dude.

    But the initial ICS rom consumes too much battery. Can you please give some tweak (probably by making some change on build.prop) that may increase battery life like ICS update 2.

    It seems to me update 2 is a bit not-stable. My phone get hanged several times and though my wifi get connected, can’t access the net (checked all the IP addresses several time).

    • i tried BP in xp too… same problem, it says download failed… however tried to proceed with AP, both xp & 7 gives error report and closes …

  2. Vai ami ICS update korci.Ekhon abar amar mobile er je system ta cilo amar kace backup kora seta Restore korci but ekhon amar mobile a network asena.Ami akhon ki korte pari?plz help me bro.

  3. after install it, i can’t use P when i compose anything. No application install from Play store. any one can solve this issue? Or how can I back previous version? please help any one.

  4. Flashing Finalized Stable NANDROID ROM : I am not able to do this step before this i have done all the steps done properly without any problem please help me regarding this please upload images if possible for this tutorial.
    thanks bro for the rest hope you will do the good work .

  5. Er kona pochha maar luna ki kachu samajh nhi aa riya er cori cora thoda English use karnu. Warna aur logan kaise samjhi ki u r wakai main brilliant.??

  6. Bro… I updated it successfully… but there major problem came out, screen rotation is not working-gravity sensor. i can’t play temple run..and this type of other games. does not Tilt. pls make a quick reply…

  7. I can’t use Internet, all settings are ok, i cant access to the internet…. plzzzz reply..damn it !!!!!

  8. Rainwalker bro plss reply fast……Can i install opshora ics rom…without installing symphony ics stable rom…..After upgrading baseband…plss reply…And tnx for this nice ics upgrade tutorial…….!!!

  9. Rainwalker bro plss reply fast……
    Can i install opshora ics rom…
    without installing symphony ics
    stable rom…..After upgrading
    baseband…plss reply…And tnx for
    this nice ics upgrade tutorial…….!!

  10. Many many thank u bro. After trying a lot of time I finally upgrad my w25 to ICS. Your tutorial really work. Thank u again for the tutorial.

  11. Dear RainWalker..
    Sorry to distrub you but i need your kind help.. pliss do give some of your precious time.. :)
    i got my Karbonn A9 bricked. Now it only shows “entry qpst download” whichever buttons i press. It was because i tried flashing ICS rom. Now there is no way i can come out of it. Pliss help. When i connect the phone via USB, computer recognizes it and shows at Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E(COM 2) and sometimes as Tyianu HS-USB Diagnostics 900E(COM 2) but nuthing happens when i try to flash it. I head about baseband files getting corrupted. Can you pliss help?? Thanking you in antecipation. :)

    Model Karbonn A9

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